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Weekly #Music News - 11/6/15

Your weekly music news, ramblings, and WTF-ness that our members get directly to their email. 
Along with curated, personalized song downloads from the best undiscovered artists in the world, we share (mostly) music related randomness in weekly BoomboxFM emails to our 50,000+ members. Here's this weeks. 
This week's box is partially curated by Sarah Saturday, who has performed over 200 shows as Gardening, Not Architecture. We should also take this chance to make fun of our co-founder, Dave, and his ridiculous musically-inspired Halloween costume.
What does it all mean?!! A countdown clock winding down to who-the-hell-knows-what on the Foo Fighter's website.
Still Playing: In honor of this week's CMA Awards, here's a look at how the last 25 "Single Of The Year" songs are doing.
He Got Game: Dude shows us how to apply creativity to mobile gaming
Heard it here first: 16-year-old Madi Davis appeared in BoomboxFM earlier this year and she's KILLING it on The Voice right now.
I love the dough: NBA player Arron Afflalo talks about slinging donuts in the schoolyard to make extra cash.
Mail me some tunes: What's better than cool looking music stamps? Ones that actually play music
Work it, bro: Who wore it best? Metal edition.
Creativity in music marketing: a minimalist pop band in LA sent "Just Play Me" cassette tapes to unsuspecting fans. 
Holy tunes: The pope released a pop rock album. I repeat, the Pope released a pop rock album.
The horror: The best comment on this terrible song = "Video is good, but the music is a shit burger between garbage patties." (VERY NSFW)
Scary ass rodents: Weirdness is what happens when you slow down songs from the Chipmunks to make doom rock.
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