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Weekly #Music News - 11/30/15

Your weekly music news, ramblings, and WTF-ness that our members get directly to their email. 
Along with curated, personalized song downloads from the best undiscovered artists in the world, we share (mostly) music related randomness in weekly BoomboxFM emails to our 50,000+ members. Here's this weeks. 
Craigslist Ad: "Alcoholic Guitarist with Rock Star Attitude and Shitty Gear Available."
[DUMBASS] Apple Beats boss apparently thinks finding new music is a gender related problem. 
[LIST] Ever wonder what the worst Boiler Room sets of all time are? 
[VIDEO] The clip-in man bun actually exists. This is the worst. 
[VIDEO] A Rube Goldberg style machine for making beats. 
[LIST] The 50 strangest genres currently on Spotify. 
Better than every other country: Finland government releases a metalhead emoji
Bryan Cranston singing about large font size on his cell phone in a boy band. #nuffsaid
[PLAYLIST] Hear a wonderful assortment of the absolute worst music on Soundcloud. 
[GAME] Wipe away Drake's many, many tears on Drizzy Tearz, the game. 
[VIDEO] Japanese drummer has some impressive skills
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