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Weekly #Music News - 11/20/15

Your weekly music news, ramblings, and WTF-ness that our members get directly to their email. 
Along with curated, personalized song downloads from the best undiscovered artists in the world, we share (mostly) music related randomness in weekly BoomboxFM emails to our 50,000+ members. Here's this weeks. 
36-year-old Nick Alexander, Eagles of Death's merch manager, lost his life in the recent Paris attacks. If you'd be interested in contributing any amount to his family memorial fund, head over to his GoFundMe page. Peace and love, guys. 
[VIDEO] Now you can play drums without, well, all those drums.
Screw SkyMall, grab a beer and your debit card and check out DrunkMall.
Maybe it's not so hard to be a successful EDM DJ after all...or at least to look like one.
Can't make this up: Here's what $55,000 headphones sound like
[VIDEO] Kid Cudi drops serious knowledge on what hip hop's contribution to the world should be. 
Saw that coming: Miles Davis voted the greatest jazz artist of all time. 
Things that should exist: The Henry Rollins GPS app
Ever wonder who gets the kick-ass job of choosing soundtracks for shows and movies?
The world's first-ever 100-song album, each just thirty seconds in length. 
[VIDEO] Make It Bounce: Harlem Globetrotters make music by dribbling. 
Mitch Albom's newest novel takes a rock 'n roll turn
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