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Weekly #Music News - 11/13/15

Your weekly music news, ramblings, and WTF-ness that our members get directly to their email. 
Along with curated, personalized song downloads from the best undiscovered artists in the world, we share (mostly) music related randomness in weekly BoomboxFM emails to our 50,000+ members. Here's this weeks. 
If you watch The Voice, you might recognize Madi Davis, who appeared in a BoomboxFM email earlier this year. To thank you guys for supporting her, she put together a special playlist on our Soundcloud page with 10 tracks she's currently really digging. Check it out HERE
Guess how much it will cost you to buy the sweater Kurt Cobain wore on Nirvana's "MTV Unplugged" show? 
The video story of the world's most famous guitar amp. 
An interview with a gentleman who sells drugs to tourists at Croatian music festivals. 
This has nothing to do with music: An animated taco falling down.
Play It: Apparently Drake's "Hotline Bling" sounds an awful lot like the music from the Wii Shopping Channel
In today's No Shit News, musicians tend to share one common personality trait
The Beastie Boys were almostin a hardcore band, dude. 
A Gigantic Real World Problem: Audiences clapping without rhythm
Precious: The best movie soundtrack of all time? LOTR.
Alert: You can now smoke The Weeknd. Enjoy.
Have a Cow: The best rock 'n roll moments of all time from The Simpsons. 
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