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Weekly #Music News - 10/30/15

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[by our co-founder, Dave, written in a Brooklyn apartment while drinking Parlor coffee - sans sugar and it suuucks - and ignoring the constant leg scratchings from Finn, the overweight cat]
Is anyone else worried about the future of the music industry? Spotify is hemorrhaging money, Pandora has never once made a profit, and Apple Music is late to the dance. Streaming is all we got right now and if it doesn't work (newsflash: it's not working!), how are artists going to get paid so they can keep on making music we love? Getting $40,000 for 10 million - yes, MILLION! - streams may not cut it when you break down the numbers. Who's gonna lead la revolucion?! 
On the brighter side, unexpected drops of awesome keep popping up, like the city of Raleigh, NC passing laws to actually help musicians, and badass skateboarders knocking down stereotypes one by one. You know what else I love? Trolling your friends through art. But since it's Halloween time, I'll sign off with some creepy Mexican death art and the story of a man who got abducted in the California desert only to be gifted a never-before-heard Beatles album recording...or did he?
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