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The BoomboxFM Story

Who's running this thing, anyway?!

Dave and Mike, co-founders of BoomboxFM, met serendipitously in 2013 and hit it off immediately.

But it wasn’t until early 2014 that they decided to partner up on an ambitious music project focused on helping independent artists and music fans more easily discover each other. Our thesis at the time was that the future of information is in discovery, not search.

We believe the current system of searching for music, even though it’s all out there and readily available, is heavily flawed. You’re less likely to discover truly new and exciting tunes if you are left to your own searching process. Even music services that promise to recommend songs based on your listening habits typically direct you to artists that are almost too close to ones you’re familiar with, almost too safe. There's a reason the top charts of nearly every single popular music player look exactly the same - Big Label Marketing Machines make sure of that.

What we're experiencing is both an information overload and a filter failure problem in music. Author David Foster Wallace once said, "There are four trillion bits coming at you, 99% of them are shit, and it’s too much work to do triage to decide. So it’s very clear, very soon there’s gonna be an economic niche opening up for gatekeepers… Because otherwise we’re gonna spend 95% of our time body-surfing through shit." 

We believe the next wave of information delivery will be customized, right-to-your-door, concierge style, resulting in surprise and excitement. And that’s what BoomboxFM is about. We aim to expand listeners’ horizons by hand-picking and hand-delivering awesome independent music that’s juuuuust on the periphery of your comfort zone. That’s accomplished by combining careful human curation with dynamic machine learning algorithms. 

At the same time, the music industry is constantly in a state of flux and while there are more independent musicians today than ever before, making a living from their talents is harder and harder. Promoting themselves and growing their fan bases takes constant work and can quickly get expensive and inefficient. “It often feels like I’m just trying to yell louder than thousands of other screaming heads in a crowded room” is a common sentiment shared by artists when describing their marketing efforts.

We built BoomboxFM to help alleviate some of this pain for our artist brethren. Submission to BoomboxFM is free and our team is filled with veterans of the industry who dedicate their lives to supporting independent creators.

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