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T Sisters

Oakland, CA

by Mike Hoy

Like most growing startups, Dave and I have a lot on our plates; marketing campaigns, product tests, investor meetings and (most important to our listeners) music curation. Because of the brimming schedule, I try to select artists for boxes a little over a month in advance. This also gives our musicians a chance to prep for the onslaught of fandom that ensues after an email is released.

I sat down to curate future boxes and came across an application from a soul-folk driven, heavily melodic trio called the T Sisters (actual sisters from Oakland, CA). It was incredible, as if I was teleported into a Brooklyn version of “O, Brother Where Art Thou.” I couldn’t keep these beautiful ladies a secret, not even for another month.

T Sisters

We featured the T Sisters in a recent box, and I got a chance to talk to the trio about their music roots.

MH: Being sisters, I’m sure you all have been musical for quite a while. When was the first time the three of you created music together?

TS: Absolutely, we started singing together when we were little girls. Erika made up little songs at a very young age and we all sang along to the Beach Boys, Newsies, our dad's songs and whatever was on the radio or the record player. We experimented with harmony a bit and learned through the music we listened to. Our first real collaborating was in homemade plays at our grandparents' house in the summertime in Connecticut.

MH: Does being sisters make it easier or harder to write and perform music?

TS: It makes it easier--we can be more real with each other than with anyone else, so we can communicate clearly about how we want things to be and sound. We write separately and arrange together--this way of doing things just came naturally and works well for us.

MH: As with any band (and family!) there are ups and downs. Proudest moment as a group? How about the most regretful?

TS: Our proudest performance moment as a group was playing on Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion, and our biggest moment as a trio was quitting our day jobs and becoming full-time T Sisters! We've had lots of difficult gigs together, but we try not to dwell on them and rather to learn from the hard stuff and move forward.

MH: Day of the show, do you have a routine? What do you eat? What do you drink? What about when you're on tour, what do you do when you're not performing?

TS: The day of the show we spend however long traveling to the gig, then we usually sound check and then we're super hungry. We scarf down our dinner whenever there's a moment--we're pretty flexible eaters when we're super hungry. We drink a lot of water and tea and try not to drink alcohol before we perform. We warm up our voices together and play tunes with the band before we get on stage. When we're not on the road, we spent lots of time working on the administrative side of the project, planning upcoming events and working on the website and keeping our social media content flowing. We rehearse with the band and as a trio and exercise with our mom. We go on hikes with our doggie and hang out with our boyfriends and cook yummy food. And we watch Game of Thrones. We love Game of Thrones.

MH: Oh man, I’m a huge GoT fan too...I love that about you guys! Okay, let’s close it part about what you do?

TS: Making great music with great people! And for great people. We've been blessed to meet a multitude of kind souls who appreciate and support what we're doing and make us feel at home wherever we are.

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