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re: Is Music Discovery Overrated?

Here's our take.

"And then things get real interesting. And we will beg for those things to be there."
That's author David Foster Wallace talking about the influx of information - data, noises, signals, sounds, sights - that wash over us every single day in the modern landscape. Without gatekeepers and curators, "we're gonna spend 95% of our time body-surfing through shit..." 
Alan Cross, a music man if there ever was one, recently asked if music discovery was overrated. He goes on to discuss "discovery fatigue" as a symptom of all-access streaming services, the effort that finding the right music takes, and of course, FOMO. "Who has the time to sift through infinity?"
Cross also posts that the trick to making music recommendations stick is personalization. Funny enough, he drops a food metaphor that we've also used when talking about BoomboxFM vs. streaming services:
We fancy ourselves as more of an omakase vs. an all-you-can-eat-buffet. We take the burden of choice off of your plate (to continue with the food theme). Our team of curators scours the ends of the earth for the best undiscovered music out there and feeds it into our filtration system (you know, like how vodka happens). 
We agree with pretty much everything Cross has to say and we'd take it back to David Foster Wallace's view that gatekeepers (in our case, curators) will play an integral role in our near-future world. Has music discovery become overrated? NOT A SHOT. Has it become more challenging, more work, maybe even more "old school"? Probably. 
The unearthing of the-next-big-thing-before-they-hit-it-big, that excitement of instantly knowing you've just met your new favorite band - that feeling hasn't gone anywhere. It's just buried a bit deeper in the muck of Top 40 tunes. And it's our collective job to dig away until it's easier to spot. BoomboxFM, our curators, people like Alan, the hundreds of independent college radio stations out there, and the everyday dude who takes the time to share killer music with his friends. We're all in this together. As one of our good friends and curators, Alex Mitchell, once told us, "There are a thousand songs out there you'd absolutely love. But you're never gonna hear them unless someone does the work to find them and shine a light on them."
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