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Melanie Ungar

Toronto, Canada

by Mike Hoy
Earlier this year I was turned on to the music of a moonlighting, bubbly southern-pop musician from Toronto. The recommendation came from an old University of Tennessee friend whose exact words were, "You're going to hate how much you love this." So I was fairly familiar when Melanie Ungar's BoomboxFM submission hit our inbox.
Melanie Ungar
I've been listening for two straight weeks, and I don't hate anything about Melanie Ungar or her music. This girl's tone, combo'ed with the song writing exhibited in "What Is Love" makes her an indie force on the rise. She has a serious "Michelle Branch" thing going on...and that didn't turn out too bad for Michelle Branch.
I got a chance to ask Melanie some top-card questions prior to her BoomboxFM feature...Here's what she had to say.
MH: Mel, you're a phenomenal story teller within your music. Share with us the story of when you first KNEW you were going to be a musician?
MU: It all started when I would hum, clap, and shake my booty in my diaper. When I was still in a crib, I was waking up my house bright and early. You could hear me on my baby monitor making up words and melodies - it was really quite cute, actually (if I do say so myself). So probably subconsciously I wanted to be some famous singing baby, but it hit my actual conscious probably at the age of 4. That's when I started making up words to my melodies and asking my mom to film me and take pictures of me. I was that kid who was constantly smiling and posing and getting dressed up all fancy just to have my picture taken. I was such a drama queen.
When I was 14, my mom bought me my first guitar so I could really write songs, perfect my craft, and do covers on YouTube, and that's when it became more of a serious thought, instead of just a dream. It was always my passion though. That was evident very early on.
MH: That's insanely monitor radio! It's always fascinating learning about an artist's first exposure to music. What's the first song you remember hearing?
MU: The Sound of Music soundtrack. That was my jam. I loved curtsying down the staircase singing "I am 4 going on 5 la la la la la la". Don't worry, it's all on video somewhere.
MH: Ahh! Quick, internet...find those home movies! I'd love to learn more about the artist you are now... what is your proudest moment as an artist? Most regretful?
MU: My proudest moment is whenever I get a message from a fan who tells me my songs have helped them get through a tough time or that I inspire them. I live for that. I believe that as an artist, it's so important to not only create something meaningful for yourself, but for others too. We all go through similar things in life, and I love making that connection.
I don't really believe in regrets. I definitely live by the motto of everything happens for a reason. Life is seriously full of events that create a domino effect. And if something terrible, or something I believed was terrible had never happened, the whole chain of events would change, and I wouldn't be the person I am today. I used to regret writing certain songs and people finding out it was about them, but it gave me a confidence I would never want to give back. Now, I just write what I feel, and I love feeling that freedom.
MH: Amazing outlook, I love it. Now, you like to do cover videos...have you gotten any weird song requests? Funniest video comment?
MU: In terms of song requests, hmm, nothing too weird. Sometimes, it'll be some random foreign song.
Funniest video comments are definitely the ones where I'm getting asked out... like what is this? Plenty of Fish?
MH: HA! Welcome to the rock star life, propositions everywhere you look! Outside of randos asking you out online...what's the best part about what you do?
MU: The best part of being any kind of artist, I think, is when you can be yourself, let go, and create. The ability to express yourself through music, is such an amazing thing, and I love when people from around the world connect to the words I wrote and sing. They want to grow with me, and be a part of my journey. People just believing in me - that's definitely one of the best things.
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