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Jordan Whitmore

Austin, TX

by Vela Park

A painful break-up. An audition or job interview that went wrong in every way. At some point in our lives, we feel the urge to untangle ourselves from forces that try to tear us apart. But there’s always one saving grace that you can always turn to: good music.  

Jordan Whitmore

Listening to Jordan Whitmore’s new song, “Free,” I feel strangely empowered. Rings my life motto from Gandhi, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” I’m so excited to introduce Jordan, who brings raw human struggles into chunks that we can digest. Not only that, her creativity and expressivity make you believe that you can endure and conquer your struggles.

VP: Jordan, you are a natural talking about challenges and pains in life through music. When did you first realize that you wanted to pursue music as a career? What is the first song you remember hearing?

JW: I always loved singing, but I used to go to a coffee shop near my house in junior high with my friends, where we'd watch singer/songwriters perform. There was something in me that said, "I want to do that. I want to write songs and share them with people." So one summer, I started taking guitar lessons from a guy that performed there. I can't remember the first song I ever heard, but I can remember the first cassette tape I ever bought with my own money. It was Harry Connick Jr.'s "20" album. 

VP: Can you tell us songs that you listen to again and again?

JW: These are ones that have been on repeat lately: Don't Wanna Fight (Alabama Shakes), Don't Tell Our Friends About Me (Blake Mills), Born Again (Josh Garrels), Golden Fires (Suzanna Choffel), Foolin' (Andrew Combs) 

VP: Day of the show, do you have a routine you follow? Any tips for upcoming artists?

JW: I start with vocal warm-ups, and then run through the set at least once. I try to stay away from spicy or fatty foods, and of course drink plenty of water. I've had vocal nodules, so there's no foolin' around anymore. ;)

VP: This is great stuff, and practical too! What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of being a musician?

JW: Creating. The fulfillment that comes with writing a new song, and then hearing it come to life in the studio is hard to top. The bonus is, of course, when people connect with it.

VP: What would you be doing if you weren’t a musician?

JW: I think I would be a counselor. Or, a back-up dancer for some pop star. That seems fun.

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