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Featured Guest Curator: Scottie

You don't have to be a rock 'n roll star or professional producer to know good music.
We have some really talented curators here at BoomboxFM and they come in all shapes and sizes. The thread that binds them together is a common love and appreciation for independent creators. We've come to realize that many of our listeners have the same passion and knowledge for undiscovered music, so why not let them shine like the diamonds they are?
On a semi-weekly basis we'll be highlighting some BoomboxFM listeners as Guest Curators. We've asked them to share their personal favorite artists and songs with us and our other listeners. 
This week's BoomboxFM Guest Curator is Scott, a.k.a. "Scottie". Coming to us from Sunderland, UK, Scottie is an artist himself, recording, writing, and playing the guitar under the moniker Sole Brick. Here's what he's got for us today...
Nate Maingard
Little Brother by Nate Maingard 
*We love this kid's sound. There's an important mix of raw vocals with polished instrumentals and backups. Gives it a high quality, yet personal feel. Nate clearly writes with a lot of emotion and purpose, adding to the allure of this pop-folk tune.  
The Wax Girl
Clear by The Wax Girl
*Smooth, tactical, and a bit hypnotizing. This song caught us a bit off guard...expected the track would take off into a louder, bass-fed, trancey theme. Instead, it stays cool and calm, and leaves a nice, warm glow in its wake.
Interested in being considered as a BoomboxFM Curator? Shoot an email to curators [at] boombox [dot] fm with the following info:
  1. How do you support the independent, creative community at large (doesn't have to be music only)?
  2. What kind of music are you really into?
  3. Give us three underground artists you would recommend to BoomboxFM and why.
  4. Dancing gifs - we like 'em. A lot. 
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