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Featured Guest Curator: Jacob

You don't have to be a rock 'n roll star or professional producer to know good music.
We have some really talented curators here at BoomboxFM and they come in all shapes and sizes. The thread that binds them together is a common love and appreciation for independent creators. We've come to realize that many of our listeners have the same passion and knowledge for undiscovered music, so why not let them shine like the diamonds they are?
On a weekly basis we'll be highlighting some BoomboxFM listeners as Guest Curators. We've asked them to share their personal favorite artists and songs with us and our other listeners. 
This week's BoomboxFM Guest Curator is Jacob. Hailing from Raleigh, NC (right down the street from our current offices!), apparently Jacob learned to play rap on the guitar in high school (videos or it didn't happen, Jake!). Today, he's sharing an electronic instrumentalist and a blues-y singer/songwriter he actually went to college with. You're the man, Jacob. 
Buddy Ross
Move Up Move On by Buddy Ross
*Our first reaction was, "This makes us happy." And that sums up Move Up Move On. An ambient, percussion-driven track that keeps the pace mellow and seeps good vibes through your headphones. 
James Britton
Mistook Me For An Aeroplane by James Britton
*We love when singer/songwriters incorporate big band aspects into their music. James' boyish and energetic tone is well complemented by the horn section. And then, phew...that guitar solo...yeah, that's a good one.
Want to become a BoomboxFm Guest Curator? Just fill out this form and your song recommendations could get shared with 20,000+ music fans.
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