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Featured Guest Curator: Allante

You don't have to be a rock 'n roll star or professional producer to know good music.
We have some really talented curators here at BoomboxFM and they come in all shapes and sizes. The thread that binds them together is a common love and appreciation for independent creators. We've come to realize that many of our listeners have the same passion and knowledge for undiscovered music, so why not let them shine like the diamonds they are?
On a semi-weekly basis we'll be highlighting some BoomboxFM listeners as Guest Curators. We've asked them to share their personal favorite artists and songs with us and our other listeners.  
This week's BoomboxFM Guest Curator is Allante, a.k.a. "Sprout". Allante is a Theater Arts enthusiast and has shared two favorite artists with us. All Allante asks is that we collectively "feel the music." We can support that shizz, Sprout!
Pelican by Bonobo
*Super chill but at-times-complex electronic from British DJ Simon Green, currently residing in LA. This spring/summer he's touring Europe and North America and has recently performed with a full band on stage.
CityStrum by Anitek
*Trip-hop / psyche-chill out of NYC, we're digging his beats while we work and nod our heads here at the BBFM office.
Interested in being considered as a BoomboxFM Curator? Shoot an email to curators [at] boombox [dot] fm with the following info:
  1. How do you support the independent, creative community at large (doesn't have to be music only)?
  2. What kind of music are you really into?
  3. Give us three underground artists you would recommend to BoomboxFM and why.
  4. Dancing gifs - we like 'em. A lot. 
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