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Canvas People

Austin, TX

by Thomas Strayhorn

Something happens when you put a horn section into an alternative~folk~indie song. It fills out the sound in a sexy way – adding in an unexpected layer of style that pulls at your ears… well mine, at the very least. After hearing Canvas People’s song “Empty House”, I had to learn a little bit more about them.

TS: So tell me, Wes, when was the first time you guys created music together?

CP: As the current lineup, I guess the first time we all jammed together was January 2014. We had been drummer-less for while - just playing acoustic trio shows with Luke on bass, Kyle as the lead singer and rhythm guitar, and myself on lead guitar. Eventually Pat, our current drummer, started playing with us. 

TS: That’s cool. So how exactly does the creative process work between the four of you?

CP: Kyle, our lead singer, usually writes the lyrics and basic chord progressions on his own and then presents them to the band at rehearsal. From there, everyone adds his own part on top of the skeleton Kyle has created – pulling the song in certain creative directions until all of us are satisfied. So, in essence Kyle provides the basic meat of the song, and then we craft the direction it will take as a band.

TS: Seems like a good way to get everyone involved in the creation of a song. Alright lets see, what has been one of the band’s proudest moment’s so far?

CP: Our proudest moment was the release of our debut full-length record, Sirens, back in September of 2014. It was a gruelingly long process that spanned the course of a year and half, but once we released it we definitely felt a huge monkey being lifted off our shoulders.

TS: I bet, nothing like a big monkey on your back... So how about the most regretful moment?

CP: Our most regretful is a bit tougher. I guess I would have to say when our bassist, Luke, showed up to a gig wearing cargo shorts and mandles one time. Since then, we've had to enforce a strict no-shorts rule.... and mandles...c'mon.

TS: Haha every good band needs at least one mandal wearin’ musician… So it’s the day of a show, what is your routine?

CP: We don't have any special routines or rituals we do before shows. We just show up, shoot the shit with each other, and then play our tunes. Nothin' too fancy.

TS: Gotcha. So what do you guys do when you’re not performing?

CP: When we're not performing, we all stay pretty busy. Kyle and I are both full-time students at Texas State, and Pat and Luke both work full-time as well. On our nights off, we usually just grab a few drinks and kick it. Maybe catch a show if one of our friends is playing in town... you know, what normal people do with their time off haha.

TS: Yeah I understand the student/musician life… it’s quite a balancing act. Let’s wrap it up here… What is the best part about what you guys do?

CP: Making music and sharing it with people who like to listen. 

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