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A Happy Marriage

Humans and robots working together in harmony.

For the first year of BoomboxFM’s young existence, Mike and Dave, our co-founders, curated, assembled, segmented, and distributed all our music by hand.

That process, though painstakingly tedious, ended up being the best possible hands-on training for what BoomboxFM has become today. We’ve had thousands of conversations with listeners and artists along the way, leaving a tremendous impact on how we steered this ship each and every day. But doing everything by hand isn’t efficient nor effective for everyone involved.

Today, we’ve struck a balance between human curation and technology-powered recommendations that would make a Daft Punk-themed ballerina jealous. It all starts with our team of hand-picked curators who both recommend and review songs from every corner of the world exclusively for BoomboxFM. Artists can share a song and their story for consideration any time. That’s the beginning of the funnel – music curation, review, and organization.

Now comes the techno-babble, and we’re not talking about Skrillex here. Our proprietary matching algorithm ensures all listeners get music that best suits them and all artists are reaching fans who will hopefully appreciate them best. We’re learning (almost) as often as the machines are, so our programming team is constantly observing, testing, and tweaking. This way, BoomboxFM can be the best possible music discovery service ever invented in any stratosphere by any combination of humans and robots in the future, past, or present.

Next up for us is a bad-ass online platform that's actually in progress right now (and being tested). It will include 75+ sub-genres and 100+ mood/style tags, along with a learning algorithm that takes your feedback into consideration whenever you listen to a song. But for now, we're quite smitten with keeping things simple and awesome - three new songs from three new artists every single week, free to download, straight to your inbox. 

Play on, playas. 

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